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Hi, everyone!! I’ve been getting TONS of friend requests on MSP, but as you might know, I’m about 200 friends over my limit!! 😦  From now on, please send your friend requests (on U.S. MSP) to dipdyedapple!  Thanks for reading and being so nice + helpful! 🙂

❤ ~Tanya


Hi, everyone! 🙂 I’m sorry I haven’t posted for a while.  I just started a new semester in school and I’m trying to get straight A’s (especially in orchestra).  So, that’s what I’ve been doing 😀  In other news, I am VIP again until May 22! I’m also supporting Kayla Glamstar, so please love my artbook and look that I made for her! Oh, also, there will be no more weekly high scores on my blog 😦 I just can’t keep up with them lately, but congrats to everyone that made it to the top!  On May 10, I am leaving to go to Indiana, so I won’t blog or go on MSP from May 10-12.  Just so you know 🙂 And, (I swear this is the last thing!)  I am doing this new thing with my MSP club, ~My Kittenz~ every month, I will have a different “theme” for the club.  The theme for this month (March) is Green and Gold! Those are my school colors, and St. Patrick’s Day colors! ;D I will change the background later.  Well, that’s it! Thanks for reading my blog and supporting me on MSP! #hashtag

~Tanya 🙂

Hi guys! I was wondering if I should do something called “Battle of the Forums” on MSP. It’s where two or more people post a forum and whoever’s forum gets the most POSITIVE comments wins and that person gets a WL gift. Should I do it? Comment or message me on KiTtyKatz1114 on American MSP.
~Tanya 🙂

OMG! I was in the VIP club with my sister and check out what happened! xD  My sister’s account is CrystalLK, so please friend her!doublesister

Top Artbook: I Can Make You Awww! By kittys90

Top Movie: Random: Santa is a…. by pumpchkin

Top MovieStar: pumpchkin

Top Look: Non VIP I ❤ XMas By pumpchkin

Top Room: pumpchkin’s room

Aw, pumpchkin.  Give others a chance, please!!!!

~Tanya 🙂 / KiTtyKatz1114

Happy New Year’s to all my readers and to my MSP friends!Image

Thanks to everyone that made this blog a success! My parents, my sister, and my MSP friends!  Also, thanks to my MSP supporters! I made an artbook for you guys! Be sure to check it out!  You guys rock! And a final thanks to my readers from the U.S, England, France and the Netherlands! INTERNATIONALISM!! (probably not a real word) xD